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Welcome all to the Wolfie's Pack Website! I've been soooo lax in adding stuff to the website, it's sick. Believe me, when things pick up, Bad Bunny Comics will be restarted and more stories and rants, too! So come in and rest awhile on Wolfie's Brainpan Cushions...read a Spicy Wolfie Story. Find some eye candy in the pictures or artwork pages. Check out the links and maybe find more stuff! So just relax and let your mind ooze out of your head for a while...unless you spill it on the floor and your old lady makes you lick it up. Click on the smokin' bunny head up there to go to the slightly stale yet still funny and fat free Bad Bunny comic strip. And now, Wolfie's Pack tees, sweatshirts, cups and mousepads are available at my store at Cafepress.com (plug). Later.


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